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Cubase 6 Professional FULL Version + 6.5 Upgrade Price In Hong Kong

Cubase 6 Professional FULL Version + 6.5 Upgrade

The Cubase 6 Professional FULL Version + 6.5 Upgrade includes free shipping at the best price of HK $3,538. Serviced regions include Kowloon , Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long.
HK $3,538
Product Description

Steinberg Cubase 6 is your go-to software for recording, editing, mixing and producing music in all its creative forms, as it's bristling with new features and enhancements. Advanced multitrack editing tools, a new take-comping system and a revolutionary approach to MIDI form the center of a next-generation production environment, while the refined new interface gives faster access and more intuitive control than ever before. Inspiring VST3 effects and instruments like VST Amp Rack and LoopMash 2 fuel your creative imagination.

The Cubase 6 provides 64-bit support for Windows and Mac operating systems, enabling a performance boost for using more tracks and bigger sample libraries. A few of the enhancements that round out Cubase 6 are global project compatibility between Cubase 6 derivates, the new time-stretching algorithms and more than two hours of in-depth video tutorials in high-definition quality.

Steinberg Cubase 6 will replace the Cubase 5 and delivers the latest version of Steinberg's flagship DAW platform.


New Drum editing 
Developed in conjunction with recording professionals and top-flight studio drummers, the Cubase 6 raises the bar for multitrack drum editing tasks on all levels. Incorporating an entire new transient and tempo detection, phase stable audio quantization and drum replacement functions, it provides a complete toolset to perfect the rhythm, feel and flavor of live-recorded drum tracks. Whether it's about non-destructively correct timing issues or changing the tempo of a drum performance seamlessly - a tight groove is just a few clicks away.

Based on a state-of-the-art algorithm, the Cubase 6 introduces a straightforward and intelligent transient detection function. Finding all drum hits is a breeze now, with the intuitive preview feature and two specialized filters, called Peak and Beats. With this powerful tool on hand, you can detect single hits, rolls and ghost notes faster and more accurate than ever before. After the transients have been detected they are merged across multiple tracks by taking user definable priority of individual tracks into account. The drumhits are then cut up and grouped together ready for detailed tweaking. In this way, copying that great fill from verse 2 to verse 1 is solved with minimum effort: select one, move them all.

New vst Note Expression 
From ultra-realistic instrument sounds to the most unexpected sonic spheres, VST 3.5 and Note Expression enable a whole new creative approach to composition and sound design. And it doesn’t stop here. Use VariAudio together with Note Expression to bring lifeless MIDI recordings to life. With the Extract MIDI feature inside the Sample Editor you can make snapshots of the pitch and volume curves of monophonic audio recordings and paste that information into MIDI notes!

When using VST 3.5-compatible instruments, you get instant acoustic feedback from parts that contain dynamics. What's more, the Dynamics Mapping feature allows very fine adjustments for up to three controllers for dynamics, including velocity, volume and freely assignable MIDI CC.

Multitrack audio quantization 
In Cubase 6, rhythmic audio material can be quantized just like any MIDI material, offering numerous possibilities to fix timing issues and to change the groove of live-recorded drums. To preserve phase relationships between tracks, the individual slices on all tracks are still grouped and moved at once. Cubase automatically creates cross-fades between slices to ensure seamless transitions between them and fill gaps that might be introduced during quantization. A few clicks, and all drum tracks are matched to the bass drum, snare or whatever source or sources are desired. With the Slice Rules you can decide which sources will get a higher priority during slicing.

HALion Sonic SE 
HALion Sonic SE is a streamlined version of HALion Sonic, Steinberg's premier VST workstation. Incorporating the same pristine audio and synth engine as its award-winning brother, HALion SonicSE offers tight integration with Cubase 6 and more than 900 production-ready sounds and instruments. Intuitive handling, instant playability and VST 3.5 support make this new instrument the perfect choice for creative songwriting or just playing along.

Equipped with detailed acoustic instruments and brilliant synthesizers, the SE version is an extensive pool of sounds for everyday studio work. HALion Sonic SE supports VST 3.5, being among the first to benefit from the revolutionary VST Expression 2 technology. This includes time-saving tools for composers such as the automatic VST Expression map setup and the Note Expression features. What’s more, eight intuitive Quick Controls provide fast access to the most important sound-shaping parameters. And with HALion Sonic SE, Cubase 6 also introduces a MIDI file import mode, making full use of HALion Sonic SE's 16-part multitimbral mode.

HALion Sonic SE replaces HALion ONE, but all HALion ONE sounds have been refurbished and are now included in HALion Sonic SE - together with brilliant new content.

LoopMash 2 
The highly evolved LoopMash 2 offers even more cool ways to remix loops and create tons of new fresh variations of your music while giving you total control over the process. Over 20 new MIDI-controllable live and slice-based effects such as scratches, stutters and tape stops will get your beats onto the dancefloors.

LoopMash 2 now sports twice the amount of scenes - a total of 24 - to inject more variety into your performances. The scenes can be rearranged using drag-and-drop and renamed by double-clicking on them. With full Undo/Redo support you have now the freedom to try every parameter combination that comes to your mind without worrying about the consequences.

Video tutorials 
Cubase 6 studio features more than 2 hours of detailed video tutorials produced by the experts of Streamworks Audio. Ranging from step-by-step instructions for beginners to advanced workflow and editing techniques, there's something in store for everyone - recorded in.

In Cubase 6, the stunning zplane algorithms have been customized for tonal, complex, single and percussive audio material. These algorithms are optimized for extreme time -stretching so you'll be amazed how good they sound. This is one jaw-dropping tool you won't want to miss after the first try.


Minimum System Requirements - state the minimal specification your computer must have to be able to use the software.

Mac Os 
Mac OS X Version 10.6* 
Intel dual core CPU 
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended 
CoreAudio compatible audio hardware 
8 GB of free HD space 
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive 
USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management) 
Internet connection for license activation 
* Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase version included.

Windows 7* 
Intel or AMD dual core CPU 
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended 
Windows compatible audio hardware (ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance) 
8 GB of free HD space 
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive 
USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management) 
Internet connection for license activation 
* Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase version included.


Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5: New features at a glance

New synths on the block 

Ideal for creating fat and funky lead and bass sounds, Retrologue offers those old-school analog synth sounds and biting sonic blocks. Grab your keyboard and start creating memorable hooks with its two multi-oscillators featuring up to eight detunable voices each, plus an earth-shattering sub- and noise-oscillator.

Out-of-this-world atmospheres

Straight from the Steinberg sound lab, Padshop boasts granular synthesis at its finest to create fantastic-sounding spheres and dramatically moving textures which evolve over time. Fasten your safety strap, tweak the knobs and get ready to expand your universe.

Supersonic sidekicks 

Filling the floors

DJ-EQ is an easy-to-use three-band equalizer with the typical kill switches you find on professional DJ mixers. It was specially made to recreate the atmosphere of a live floor performance right in your studio.

Create your own blend

Filtering is an art all its own and we just cultivated it: the new MorphFilter effect brings the superior filter types of Steinberg’s HALion 4 sound creation system to Cubase. MorphFilter allows you to blend between the classic low, high and band-pass filters heard on countless records.

More insane tones for your guitar

The VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite now features a maximizer and limiter as new stomp box effects, as well as level meters and brand-new classic and signature presets crafted by world- class guitarists from bands the likes of Meshuggah, Emperor, and Accept.

One step closer to perfection 

Comp as you are

Cubase’s already impressive lane comping system just got better! Tailored closely to the requests of our professional users, we optimized the comping workflow by introducing a dedicated Comp tool. Handy click-and-drag features give you the results you want in a more intuitive and faster way.

Warp this way

Cubase 6.5 fuses the hitpoint and AudioWarp system and embeds warp quantizing directly into the dedicated quantize panel. By creating warp markers straight from hitpoints, single audio loops or the entire arrangement can be non-destructively quantized with a single mouse click. Lock those grooves together!

Intercommunication 2.0 

Connect to the cloud

Upload sounds and mixes directly from Cubase to your SoundCloud account, and share your original music with your social networks. Collaborate and distribute within the cloud and bask in the spotlight!

Size does matter

Cubase 6.5 now integrates the lossless FLAC audio compression codec throughout the application. Import and export FLAC files in a breeze and save up to 60% disk space when recording audio tracks in real time using the FLAC format!

ReWire 64-bit support

Cubase 6.5 now connects your favorite ReWire client applications in a pure 64-bit environment under Windows and Mac OS X!

Ni hao ma?

Cubase 6.5 is the first Cubase version ever to provide the entire user interface in simplified Chinese. We welcome our Chinese- speaking friends around the world!

For recommended systems, please refer to our website in the Support section under DAW Components.

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 7* 
• Intel or AMD dual core CPU 
• 2 GB RAM 
• Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended 
• Windows compatible audio hardware (ASIO compatible audio 
hardware recommended for low- latency performance) 
• 8 GB of free HD space 
• DVD-ROM dual-layer drive 
• USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management) 
• Internet connection for license activation 
* Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase version

• Mac OS X Version 10.6* 
• Intel dual core CPU 
• 2 GB RAM 
• Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended 
• CoreAudio compatible audio hardware 
• 8 GB of free HD space 
• DVD-ROM dual-layer drive 
• USB port for USB-eLicenser 
(license management) 
• Internet connection for license activation

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