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AudioBuy Hong Kong is a division of AudioBuy LLC - international retailers and distributors of musical instruments , DJ equipment , recording gear and musical accessories to over 21 countries including Australia , Canada , South Africa , UAE and Singapore.

* AudioBuy Hong Kong do not sell , buy or trade in second hand , grey market or counterfeit product. 

AudioBuy Hong Kong do not honor warranties or share any affiliation with Hong Kong distributors/importers. All products sold by AudioBuy are sourced from the manufacturer and are always shipped in brand new / sealed condition.

All orders made with AudioBuy are completed by secure online credit card payment. If you are experiencing an issue with your order please contact us. Your credit card provider and/or bank will be able to dispute your charge if you feel a dispute is warranted however all order disputes can usually be resolved by contacting us in the first instance.

Are we grey importers?

No. AudioBuy do not import or ship "grey market" goods into Hong Kong under any circumstance. We ship over 400 major musical instrument brands all of which are sourced from the manufacturer from their country of manufacture. All orders are packed and shipped from our locations in Delaware, Washington, New York and California.  

Are there additional costs above your listed price , eg import tax?

All prices listed on the AudioBuy Hong Kong website are the total delivered cost prices to your door or local post office.

AudioBuy business competitors target this store and won't price match
My order from this shop has quite some history and i've been quite dismayed at the dishonest practices of Australian music retailers. It all started when i wanted to buy the EMG pickguard valued at about $600 in local stores but $150 cheaper at Audiobuy so i called my local shop for a price match. They responded by saying that i shouldn't buy from AudioBuy and i should leave a negative review about them even though i hadn't yet purchased anything which I thought was very dishonest. I got back to Audiobuy and told them what my local Australian music shop had said , I will not name names , Audiobuy responded that their price is the lowest and because my local shop could not price match then they were making things up to try and win the sale. I phoned back my local shop and said i was going ahead with the Audiobuy purchase unless they price matched and explained why their staff were trying to get me to leave negative reviews about a competing store.

Great price. Slower transport than expected
Exactly that. Great price, website is good. Online chat worked well. Pretty sure the website said delivery within 3-5 business days. Then recieved the phone call to say it would be longer. Even if i paid extra for postage no guarantees. A little disappointed but overall happy

Good product range
Good product range but website is a bit tricky. I bought a zoom recorder which is a nice gadget. However the instructions are very minimal. If you replace the battery when it goes flat, it wipes the memory chip..nothing about that in the instructions. When I went on add the accessories pack to the order, I had difficulty getting it added as the web site wanted me to complete the transaction without it.

My review of AudioBuy
In the last two months I have purchased many products online from AudioBuy and after dealing with Paul for quite some time I have to say my review could not really be any better - this company has been really helpful and putting up with all of my annoying questions and price quote requests. I have left a few other reviews about audio stores but audiobuy are the best in my opinion , maybe not in their communication and stock inventory but more in terms of their constantly lower pricings on guitars and DJ gear I buy quite often. AudioBuy are now my favourite place to get musical gear and I think they know me well enough by now for me to always get a good discount so i'm very happy about that. Love these Guys!

Will Buy again soon!
It was a pleasure dealing with Audiobuy and Paul. We placed the order and notification was received regarding the status of the item. Which we closely monitor since the delivery place is quite far for we have tried ordering with other site but they cannot deliver. We were delighted that they confirm can deliver to Japan and managed to received it in best condition.They assure that the item was shipped and give us time to time updates. Response with the email is efficient. Price and Service are reasonable no doubt about it.Thankful for your support and assistance, we look forward to deal with you again in the future.

Tech 21 RK5 best price from AudioBuy
I bought the RK5 from AudioBuy because their price was $100 cheaper than anywhere else i could find in Canada , i was a little skeptical at first because of the price and because i'd never bought from them before but all of my concerns have been removed...thanks Audiobuy ill be buying more stuff from you guys soon enough!'

Purchase from AudioBuy Hong Kong ended well
I ordered a rather expensive EMG pickguard set and after 2 days my usual music shop told me i should get a refund from AudioBuy and buy from them at $200 more. I didn't like this and gave Audiobuy 2 more days to provide my tracking number. They came through for me and i ended up saving $200 and received the product in good working order...i phoned my local music shop and told them that I hadn't asked for a refund and the item arrived as scheduled , they then proceeded to tell me some nonsense about the product no being covered under warranty. I plan on using Audiobuy in future as they'll save me quite a bit of money.

AudioBuy first time buyer
First to start I am sorry if my english is not best , my third language english and productreview does not let Mandarin or other languages. The review i am making is for the red pedal the boss rc3 guitar pedal i receive from online shop - I like very much the price and the high quality of the pedal. I need a looper pedal and stores down the street in Hong Kong do not have very good prices and missing many music items that i need. Audiobuy shop has alot of items and i have ordered one before and i will be using more again because the prices are low. My review is a good review because the online order was given to me quickly and i got email after receive if i was satisifed customer. I am very satisfied customer of audiobuy shop and i hope to use again in short time.

AudioBuy Reviews